January 18, 2021

Milling Aluminum Enclosure Lids, Pt2

First prototype of a work holding tool, in this case the base plate, for milling a set of off the shelf cases from Hammond Mfg (1455 series). This is done on a scrap of 1/4" 6061, about 8x6" (its an off cut scrap). The intent is to use a piece of MIC6 tooling cast aluminum.


The bulk of the work was done with a 1/4" 3-flute 38 degree aluminum end mill. The detail work required a smaller tool - I had actually made a mistake and undersize the extra well, which meant I had to use a 2mm tool - however, it would be quite possible to use a 1/8" in the final version.


I cut the cavity and did a quick fit check - its in a useful tolerance. I still need to design a work holding setup for the plate - probably a plate I can screw on top clamping the piece to cut as though it were a clamshell.


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