February 20, 2018

Parts Roundup: FemtoFET

FemtoFET vs SOT-23

Ever felt like your board level MOSFETs were too large?

Texas Instruments now has an answer!

Measuring in it as small as 0.7mm x 0.6mm, these FETs are small for board, but most importantly retain a sane PCB layout: the gate is actually at one end! No more squishing a layout where the gate has to trapeze through either of the high current paths, now you can more easily use two layer boards where all of the control signals to the FET are kept on the logical end of the device and nearer the MCU or other controller.

Take a look at an example data sheet from TI for a CSD17585F5 (30V N-Channel), rated at up to 5.9A!. These parts are also in-stock at DigiKey

Gate layout

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